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Be UnBroken!

Life requires us to make decisions very often.  However, once you have made a life-changing decision, stick with it.  Hold on to it and pursue it in spite of how you feel. As I experienced my personal issues a few years ago, I quickly learned that my feelings could not dictate my life if I was going to make a great change.  Again, Zamperini had so many valid reasons to remain a victim but he chose different; he resolved within himself that he’d press on anyway.  You must do the same. Allow God to mend your brokenness in spite of your current condition.  Zamperini pursued change, even in spite of himself and his life circumstances.  Don’t forget, he became an alcoholic after God answered his prayer.  When he decided that enough was enough, he opened himself to God’s healing hands and was never the same.  We now know him as Mr. UnBroken.