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What Is My Purpose For Going?

Have you ever thought about your purpose for attending church each week? Many of us attend regularly but why?  I asked myself this very question when I was going through a difficult time in my life. I went to church on a regular basis, however, my spiritual condition remained in need of intensive care.  In my book, Thank You Hurt…I’m Better Sense I Faced You!, I speak very openly about my experience.  My life was in such turmoil that I was desperate to find out how to make it better.  Ironically, I lived in a terrible emotional and spiritual place under the roof of a sanctuary every week.  Sadly, I sank lower and lower with each passing service.

I struggled to really accept God’s genuine love in my life.  I had a hard time believing that a man so perfect could love someone like me – an imperfect mess of a girl.  I just could not see how this was going to work.  It did not make sense to me.  I had issues on top of issues so I decided that I would give church a try, not God, but church.  Now, I know that my personal issues were my own to work out but I was not ready for church at all.  Is anyone every really ready for church? I dare not touch that topic now but I do know that I was caught off guard by my experiences. I genuinely thought that if I surrounded myself by other church-goers that I’d get the help I needed for life.  I thought I made the right decision because I felt that my life was missing something.